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A Room with a View

Toilet House

I was going through some old files from houses I shot a while back and stumbled on this one. I still chuckle every time I see it. The property itself is a multimillion dollar estate in the 90210 area. From this image, it doesn’t really show how large the place is (it’s actually quite nice)…but none of that is important. All that matters is the expression of people’s faces as they come to the front door while someone is just sitting on the toilet.

Whoever designed this property was probably thinking that he just didn’t want to miss any UPS deliveries. To be fair, the bathroom did have a black curtain that could be closed to block outsiders from seeing anything, but I still wonder what was going through the mind of the designer. File this under “I’m so wealthy that I don’t care if you watch me poop“… RIDICULOUS.

Yes, my backyard is the Hollywood Sign.

Hollywood Sign Backyard

As I mentioned yesterday, part of my “day job” is now photographing houses. Here’s one I was hired to shoot yesterday.

Why yes, my backyard is the Hollywood Sign. Everyone, meet for a BBQ on the D!

The inside is pretty nice too. Right now the place is owned by a lead singer of a very well-known band. I don’t think it’s public knowledge whose house it is, so I shouldn’t say…but it was pretty cool to photograph. There’s a website being built for the house right now with the other 126 images(I’m sure those will get weeded down), but for those interested, I post all that stuff on my photography Facebook page. Feel free to “Like” the page while you’re there.

Okay… running out to shoot another house.



Bob Gentry Brosnon Cave


Yesterday, while talking about Batman stuff, It reminded me that I have a Batman Connection (other than just playing the games). Some time back, I shot a music video at the original 1960′s TV show Batcave. When we showed up to shoot, someone had already created a giant bat that was made of stone pieces on the ground. We left it and just set up our equipment on top of it.

Batcave-smThe Brosnon Canyon Cave has been used in a ba-zallion movies and TV shows. My music video is just one more that can be added to that list.

It truly is a neat spot. It’s wild to be somewhere that holds a ton of old Hollywood history. If you’re ever visiting Los Angeles, it’s worth checking out. It also has a killer view of the Hollywood sign, so it can be two birds with one Bat Stone.

Shameful Self-Promotion in 5… 4… 3… 

Here’s the video we made. We shot it at some other famous places, but the cave clips that flash in more near the end of the video came out extra special.

Looking at the clip again makes me want to make more!